Helpful Tips for Overnight Summer Camp Rookies

As a parent, sending your child off for their first sleepaway camp can be an anxiety-ridden experience. For a child, the thought of being away from parents for a successive number of days can bring both a bit of fear and excitement.

However, summer camp has many favorable aspects. It will instill life skills in your children.

Problem-solving? Check.
Being independent? Check.
Confidence-building? Check.
Physical exercise? Check.

There is no turning back now. This is the point of no return. You’ve signed the contract and the payment has been made. But a problem still lies here. How can you encourage your children to enjoy the idea of summer camp? If they let loose, this is the only way that they can make the most of their sleepaway camp experience.

Thankfully, we have compiled some answers below to help you. Just continue reading and you’ll know how you can prepare those little campers:

1. Try Out Practice Sleepovers

How does a parent work through this anxiety? Why don’t you begin with an experiment? You can have a practice sleepover at a relative’s or a friend’s home. Remember, bedtime can be a vulnerable time for some children. It’s better to have a practice sleepover in order for you to gauge how they will do. This experience will teach your child (and yourself) that they can have fun and survive without you always there. Giving them a great sense of independence at a young age.

2. Teach Them Proper Self-Care

Summer camp is a place for your child to be more independent and watch over his/her own health and well-being, from brushing their teeth to separating their clean and dirty clothes. It would do well also if you’ll have a summer camp role play on what to say when they’re sick. For example, some children will be too nervous to say that they have a stomach problem. It might be too late already, and they might have already made several trips to the toilet. Yes, there is a camp counselor who will summer camp Alexandria VA attend to them, but still, it is up to them to take care of themselves.

3. Pack Properly

Your summer camp of choice will send you a packing list a few months before the start date. The best thing to do is to Involve your kid in every step of the packing. In this way, he/she will know what’s in the bag after you drop him/her off. He/she will also be in charge of packing it all up when it’s time to come home. So give summer camp Alexandria VA him/her some practice now — you might also need help in packing. Don’t forget to get a label maker or use pre-printed labels. Use them especially on the items that your child still wants to bring home after summer camp.

P.S. Even though it’s summer, tell them to bring light-colored and lightweight pants. This is a surefire way to spot ticks that can easily crawl onto them.

By the way, the trick here is to embrace your tears when its the day of departure. Be proud. Have a quick goodbye and only look back once. The first few days might be the hardest, but your child is on his/her first steps of being an adult.

If you want to learn more about how to prepare for your child’s first-time summer camp, contact Camp Crusader. You can call them at (703) 429-2701 for a scheduled onsite consultation.

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